Stats from Self Supported Thru Hike

The final GPS data is online for my Self Supported Thru Hike a few weeks ago. There was a glitch during recording at three points, which has resulted in the total distance being a little off. While my numbers do not exactly match the Spreadsheet, it’s also worth noting that the Spreadsheet numbers simply mirror ECTA data for each individual path length – data which I believe to be not perfectly accurate.

You’ll also notice that, when clicking on a route for an individual day in the map below, Google Maps displays data for just the first track for that day (or gpx file). Each day was actually made up of several recording sessions. You’ll notice this when the displayed stats seem short – they don’t seem to match the track length.

The official number for the length of the trail from the Spreadsheet from Picco’s South @ Portugal Cove to Island Meadow South @ Cappahayden is 312.42km. My data gave me a total of 304.2km. As such, distance data below could be off by as much as 2.7%.

I’d encourage anyone to share this data and in fact any info I have online regarding the East Coast Trail wherever they see fit. Let’s get more backpackers and thru hikers on this trail. 🙂

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  1. It would be interesting to see your gear list.

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