The Experienced Backpacker

Information has been compiled for the benefit of the Experienced Long Distance Hiker to aid in planning a thru hike of the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland, Canada. This info is available in greater detail in the ECT Thru Hike Spreadsheet.

Distances – Signed Paths

Total Distance including Road Walks = 312.42km (194.13mi)

Total for Trails = 243.50km (151.3mi) or 78%
Total Number of Trail Sections: 26

Total for Road Walks = 68.92km (42.8mi) or 22%
Total Number of Asphalt Road Walks: 21
Longest Continuous Road Walk (St. John’s) = ~8km (~5mi)

Water Carry

Water Sources are available along the ECT at every few kilometres – you will not have to carry. Water should be treated as a precaution however. Following are sections of the trail where it is not recommended to use water sources.

All Sugarloaf Path and 2nd half of preceding Road Walk: From approximately kilometer number 83 to 93 (length of 10km or 6.2mi).

On most of Motion Path the water is not that great: From approximately kilometer 131.5 to 140 (length of 8.5km or 5.3mi).

Although water is plentiful, I’ve summarised sources in the Water Report tab in the Spreadsheet for anyone wanting to minimize pack weight.



Environmental Averages