Thru Hikers

Thru Hikers;
Please share your adventure while helping to promote the trail using #ectthruhike and post photos / video to Wilderness Backpacking in Eastern Canada and Hiking the East Coast Trail on Facebook.

Would you like to list yourself on this page? Please do so in the Thru Hikers Tab in the Spreadsheet.

Establishing Records

As the ECT becomes a more popular destination each year for thru hikes, speed records will be set in each category type. If you’re planning to establish (or beat) a current best time, you have to provide some indicator that you’ve actually completed the goal that you’ve set. Within the hiking community, this is considered a courtesy – done in honor of your fellow thru hikers that have gone before you.

Generally speaking, methods used to establish a time on a long trail are straightforward – try to record your route electronically, include other hikers in your effort and take pictures. Posts to social media are also regularly used to support a claim. All of these things will give validity to your effort and will serve to confirm your accomplishment. Unconfirmed records will temporarily be noted as such and listed at the end of the table. Please try to confirm before the end of the season – this will allow any hikers in the following season to set a goal if so desired.

More information on this topic is available @ FKT by Peter Bakwin.